November 23, 2022

IADC is proud of Mana Shooshtari, a progressive young Democrat activist, the Chair of Central Valley Region, and member of the Steering Committee of Iranian American Democrats of California. The UN reached out to her after seeing her extensive work in support of democracy and her activism that has been captured in MS. Magazine, Seventeen, Washington Post, that led to her recent visit with President Biden in Oceanside, California.
Her speech on November 23rd, 2022, was part of the opening segment, which included remarks from the chef de cabinet, executive director of UN Women, and the European Union Ambassador to the UN.
The future is brighter because of young, passionate, and committed women like Mana Shooshtari. Thank you for amplifying the voices of Iranian people at the United Nations.
Indeed, Iranian people have risen up!!
Subsequent to this event, UN special session was held in Geneva on November 24th. United Nation passed a resolution to send a fact-finding team to Iran and investigate human rights violations. This is a great accomplishment by the people of Iran. Thanks to everyone who has helped amplify their voices.

#FreeIran #WomanLifeFreedom #زن_زندگی_آزادی