October 31, 2022



Whereas, on September 16, 2002 Iran’s Morality Police killed Mahsa Amini, a Kurdish-Iranian woman who was visiting Tehran with her family, with a violent blow to her head which resulted in a brain hemorrhage, for allegedly wearing her hijab too loosely. Iranian police have since shut down internet access to social media and used lethal force to try to subdue consecutive days of protest and demonstrations throughout the country. Security forces have arrested at least 1,200 people.


Whereas, Iranian security forces have also killed at least 92 people, including children, and injured hundreds of others after firing live ammunition, metal pellets and teargas at protesters, bystanders and worshippers during a violent crackdown. Evidence gathered from activists, victims’ families, eyewitness testimonies, and images and videos of the protests suggest the real death toll is likely to be higher.


Whereas, the Iranian government’s brutal crackdown on demonstration is an unacceptable assault on fundamental human rights.  The nation-wide protests in Iran are a manifestation of the outrage of Iranian people’s of decades of oppression and violation of women’s rights and the brutality that every Iranian women and members of LGBTQIA face on a daily basis. Activists, students, and other people from all walks of life are putting themselves on the line to demand freedom, right of self determination and autonomy, equality and justice.


THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Democratic Party of Orange condemns the Iranian regime’s escalating repression of its people, stand with the courageous protesters, and call for violent state actors to be held accountable. We support the peaceful protest movement across the country, stand in solidarity with Iranian women and their allies in this one of a kind female led uprising, and ask Iranian authorities to release protesters who have been arrested and drop all charges against them.


BE IT RESOLVED that Democratic Party of Orange County calls upon on government officials and our greater community in Orange County to stand with the Iranian people in their fight for freedom , support the removal of US sanctions on Technology to Circumvent Iran Internet Crackdown, call for the establishment of an independent international investigative and accountability mechanism to address the prevailing crisis of impunity in Iran, and create the conditions for the people of Iran to chart their own path.


Authored by:

Lauren Johnson-Norris, South Vice Chair, AD 74

Florice Hoffman

Faye Hezar

Sudi Farokhnia