& Equality

We deserve a world where everyone is treated with respect and dignity

IADC firmly believes that equality for all is only possible by uprooting racism, sexism, xenophobia, patriarchy, and all other forms of oppression, and that no one should live in fear, or be subject to trauma or violence.

IADC believes it is our duty to fight for a democracy in which all voices are heard. We will advocate for a political system that is no longer dominated by big money and special interests, and where districts are drawn to fairly represent all segments of the community, protecting against gerrymandering.

As a community too familiar with the real threat that is posed by undermining the power of voting and democracy, we will propose and defend policies that protect the right to vote and civic engagement for all.

IADC advocates for a foreign policy that prioritizes diplomacy to achieve peace, rather than engaging in covert or military intervention, unnecessary wars, and economic sanctions that too often hurt ordinary people and result in humanitarian disasters.

It is further our belief that we have a duty to combat all violations of human rights, whether it be abroad or at home, and we will push for policies that protect these rights and reduce militarization of the world. We support political and economic engagement with every foreign power including Iran.

We support the aspiration of Iranian people for a brighter future and democracy for their country, and greater engagement with the international community. To promote peace, understanding, and regional stability, we embrace opportunities for cultural, academic, and other exchanges with Iran.

Peace & Human

Diplomacy over military intervention


Comprehensive reform and pathway to citizenship for all

As a community of immigrants and their descendants, all too familiar with migration and the need to escape oppressive and unsafe environments, Iranian-Americans deeply and strongly support a comprehensive immigration reform that creates a pathway for citizenship for all.

As Americans, we believe it is our duty, as a nation of immigrants, to fight for the rights of all immigrants, asylee or refugees, especially the most vulnerable communities around the world, including ethnic and religious
minorities in Iran or those who have been forced to leave the country in order to escape persecution.

Iranian culture and heritage has long been part of the fabric of the American society, ever since the first Iranian migrants stepped foot in the United States. Our community has been a vibrant contributor to the U.S. economy, innovation, scholarly advancements, and academics. Nevertheless, our community and people continue to be underrepresented and misrepresented at all levels of governance and popular media.

It is our belief as Iranian-Americans that the key to a strong representation is to ensure the passage of policies that protect our culture and heritage, ensure our demographic inclusion as Iranian-Americans in various facets of governance, and increase our voices as a unique minority group and strong voting bloc.


Inclusion of Iranian-Americans
as an important voting bloc

Climate & Environmental Justice

Protect the environment and vulnerable communities

IADC believes that it is our critical responsibility to ensure that we give to the future generations a better earth and environment than when we found it. We recognize that climate change threatens the effective enjoyment of a range of human rights including those to life, water and sanitation, food, health, housing, self-determination, culture and development, and we believe it is our duty to advocate for clean air, clean water, and green infrastructure in every community.

We support policies that foster sustainable food supply chain, and preservation and humane treatment of animals, while we will push for policies that prevent the foreseeable adverse effects of climate change, and ensure that those affected by it, particularly those in vulnerable situations, have access to effective remedies and means of adaptation to enjoy lives of human dignity.

IADC believes all people deserve the opportunity at upwards mobility and a fair economy that works for all of us. We view it as critical to this mission that we support the right of workers to unionize, receive a living wage, adequate paid family leave, and have access to resources and social services that provide them with a vital safety net.

We further believe that our economy is only as strong as the diversity that it enjoys. We will advocate for policies that protect minority-owned and small businesses, stop the monopolization and control of the economy by the big corporations, and guarantees everyone, especially the richest 1%, pay their fair share of taxes.

Economic Opportunity & Workers’ Rights

All people deserve the opportunity at upwards mobility and fair economy

Healthcare & Reproductive Justice

Healthcare is a human right and so are reproductive rights

IADC believes healthcare is a human right, and all people deserve affordable, high quality healthcare and the freedom to control their own bodies. We support policies that ensure every woman can choose her own destiny. We oppose any policies that restricts reproductive health, or limits access to healthcare based on sexual orientation.

We will further push to eliminate the control and influence of big pharmaceutical and insurance companies on our healthcare, and advocate for a single-payer healthcare system which provides access to healthcare regardless of income, immigration status, pre-existing conditions, or any other factor.

IADC believes all people deserve a safe, dignified, and affordable place to call home. We support housing-first policies and will advocate for increasing affordable housing, combating gentrification, protecting renters, and addressing the homelessness crisis facing our state and country.

Housing & Homelessness

All people deserve a safe, dignified, and affordable place to call home


Access to free childcare and quality education for all communities

IADC believes in the right of all people to have access to free childcare and to be able to pursue education, from Pre-K through post-secondary degrees and beyond. Central to this priority is ensuring that our public education systems are accessible to all communities, cover the total cost of attendance for all students, and promote policies that close graduation gaps and prepare students of today for a stronger workforce of tomorrow. IADC will support policies that center equity in education at the local, state, and federal level.
IADC believes in the right of all people to be safe and protected in all public spaces, our homes, neighborhoods, schools, place of employment and worship. We believe eliminating gun violence begins with sensible gun control laws. We further believe it is essential for our government to combat incidents of hate wherever they occur. However, we believe that the key to safety and justice is to decriminalize addiction and mental illness, and move toward replacing systems of policing with community-based systems that uplift restorative justice and reduce recidivism.

Safety & Justice

All people deserve to be safe and protected in public and private spaces