What is project 2025?

Project 2025 is the far-right blueprint for the next conservative administration to gut the federal government by firing federal workers and installing loyalists, allowing a small faction of far-right despots to take over.

According to Project 2025, “It is not enough for conservatives to win elections. If we are going to rescue the country from the grip of the radical left, we need both a governing agenda and the right people in place, ready to carry this agenda out on day one of the next conservative administration…The project will build on four pillars that will, collectively, pave the way for an effective conservative administration.”

  • Pillar I – outlines massive changes to the federal government, reducing transparency, and gutting civil liberties.
  • Pillar II is a personnel database that allows candidates to build their own professional profiles and P2025 coalition members to review and voice their recommendations. These recommendations will then be collated and shared with the President-elect’s team, fast tracking potential appointments.
  • Pillar III is the Presidential Administration Academy, an educational system taught by the P2025 coalition. Trainings would abandon current government responsibilities and replace them with conservative tenets, supplanting decades of institutional stability.
  • Pillar IV — the Playbook—reorganizes government agencies and lays out the implementation plan as soon as the next conservative president is sworn in.

In the manifesto, they cite the Reagan administration took 60% of their policy recommendations.

There are over 80 organizations funding and supporting this plan, but the main organizers are The Heritage Foundation.

Why should you be concerned?

Please educate yourself, feel empowered to engage with other voters and warn them about what a second term of Trump would look like.  We can not claim we didn’t know.  We need to prevent the US become a totalitarian state.


The short list of what all of this mean to all of us who live in the US:

  • Abortion and euthanasia are not healthcare: National abortion ban
  • Restricted IVF access
  • Mass deportation
  • Family separation
  • Muslim ban
  • Guns in classrooms
  • Tax cuts for the ultra-wealthy
  • Dismantle the wall of separation between church and state
  • Removing rulemaking power from agencies (Environment Protection Agency, Dept. of Justice, State Dept. , Education Dept., Dept. of Homeland Security, FBI, etc.)
  • Deploy the military for domestic law enforcement
  • Promote the unitary executive theory (president possesses all of the executive power, limit Congress)
  • Order the Justice Department to prosecute political opponents and Trump adversaries
  • Mass layoffs – Replace tenured civil servants with MAGA loyalists who undergo the coalition’s training
  • Promote “Stable and Flourishing Married Families” means guarantee men have jobs & LGBTQ households are not considered a family and shall not be able to adopt or use surrogacy

 Please download images and share with your network.