Today, President Joe Biden visited Irvine and OC where he was greeted by our Acting President Sudi Jan. For All who missed the appearance by the acting President of the United States here it is w/persian subtitles thanks to Damon Jan for the videoAn amazing show of unity and turnout today in Irvine California, as the Iranian American community greeted President Joe Biden in to OC. Folks traveled from LA and San Diego to be there. We were also fortunate that two of our successful business women’s in OC were invited by state Senator Dave Minn to represent the community.
We are told that our voices could be heard in the court yard. Also, our outreach to Rep. Katie Porter was responded to as she addressed the attendees stating that she has talked to the President about the Persian community in OC amd their quest for a Free Iran. And then this happened، when the President opened his remarks by acknowledging “Free Iran” t-shirts worn by the members of our community, and he praised the uprising of brave Iranian women and allies.
The attendees were small group of invitees and several publications and media (both Persian and local TV stations) were on the ground.
A very successful event, with great banners, lots of chants and posters in English for everyone to use. This event was organized in a matter of 72 hours by a coalition of caring members of community who have NO affiliation with any other organization or school of thought. Our passion for a FREE Democratic #IRAN is the magnet that brought us together.
#UNITED We Stand, Divided We Fall
#اتحاد اتحاد