This year in California, the Iranian American Democrats of California, a statewide organization affiliated with the Democratic Party of California, had the privilege of bringing the tradition of Nowruz to the California State Capitol in Sacramento. IADC collaborated and stood in support of Nowruz Resolution (SCR 126) introduced by State Senator Aisha Wahab (first Afghan American elected to CA Senate) and co-authored by State Senators Dave Min, Ben Allen and Tom Umberg. Senator Wahab and Min both spoke eloquently about the message of Nowruz and the resolution received unanimous approval on March 21st at the California State Senate.

The summary of outreach events organized by IADC for the month of March 2024 was reflected in an article in the Iran Post (link).

Senator Wahab and Min both spoke eloquently about the message of Nowruz and the resolution received unanimous approval on March 21st at the California State Senate.
IADC also held Nowruz gathering at Maydoon restaurant which was well received. Assembly member Cottie Pettrie Norris and State Senator Dave Min (congressional candidate for CD47) along with other Capitol staffers attended this Nowruz celebration.
On March 21st, a beautiful haft seen was set up inside the California Capitol. Persian sweets, Samanu and Haft-miveh (an Afghan Nowruz tradition) were served to the guests. More than a quarter of senators from both sides of the aisle joined the reception along with staffers and general public visitors. Elected officials received the Woman, Life, Freedom postcard and tasting of Gaz (nuggets) that had a message asking them to support the MENA INCLUSION ACT in California ( #AB2763).
We are grateful that Steering Committee Members of Iranian American Democrats of California (IADC) were invited to attend the Nowruz special tour organized in the White House on March 23, 2024 and see a beautiful Haftseen displayed at the White House, celebrating the richness of our community’s culture!
Thanks to Mr. Reza Gohrzad, journalist and political commentator, for joining the delegation from Orange County in the 2024 Nowruz celebration at the White House. The delegation included: Alex Mohajar (Vice president of IADC), Fariba Hezar (Chair of Orange County region), and her daughter Leila, Shervin Aazami (Chair of Los Angeles region) and his family, Shani Moslehi (President of Los Angeles & Orange County Iranian American Chamber of Commerce) and her husband Majid.
Representatives from various Iranian American organizations and the general public were invited to experience Nowruz at the White House. In light of the conflicts in the Middle East, and contrary to last year’s elaborate reception, there were no speeches given by President Biden or designee. Yet, attendees were happy to have this unique experience and gesture of goodwill by Dr. Jill Biden and President Joe Biden.
Nowruz gathering organized by IAC Group in Irvine, California took place on Sunday, March 24th. IADC was among the sponsors and had the opportunity to mingle with elected officials who attended the event such as Anaheim’s Mayor, Ashleigh Atkins, OC Board of Supervisor Katrina Foley, OC Board of Supervisor Candidate, Dr. Franciz Marquez… to name a few. Community was encouraged to become more active in advocacy on matters that impact the Iranian American Community such as the MENA Inclusion Act in California, the Allyship Act introduced by Representative Barbara Lee, and Family Temporary Visa Act (TFVA).

Representation Matters!

 IADC took part in the Great America Write-In for the second year.  The event was an opportunity to connect with the public and advocate for the three bills IADC is mostly focused on:
  • MENA Inclusion – CA
  • Temporary Family Visa Act (TFVA)
  • Allyship Act

We also showed our solidarity with other peace building organization that are calling for immediate and permanent ceasefire in Palestine.

 IADC also had an effective outreach to the community at the Iranian American Women Foundation event in honor of Women’s History Month.  The general public were provide the IADC’s voter guide on all statewide measures, recommendations for judges in LA and Orange County as well as list of endorsed candidates by IADC, while raising awareness to the key bills IADC is advocating for.  Iran International did an exclusive interview with the co-founder of IADC, Sudi Farokhnia.  You can watch the interview on our Instagram page (Link).
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