Each year on April 27th, we celebrate Iranian American Women’s Day. This year, the celebration is even more significant as we witness our sisters in Iran continue to resist a brutal crackdown on the #WomanLifeFreedom movement that strives for basic civil rights and freedoms.

Today, we also recognize the achievements of Iranian American women in all walks of life where their impact is felt. From astronauts to artists, sports to science, leading in philanthropy to sitting in the Senate and Assembly, City Councils to School boards, and from boardrooms to courthouses and beyond, Iranian American women have made their mark in every sector of the economy and the fabric of society.

Through it all, these women reaffirm their commitment to end patriarchal systems and oust leaders who spin tradition into political motives used to limit the lives and expression of women. Today, we salute the unique grit and resilience of Iranian women, especially those who continue to fight for their rights and resist the brutal crack down on their voice.

IAW Day is recognized in 14 cities across California: 14 cities: Los Angeles, San Francisco, West Hollywood, San Jose, Long Beach, Irvine, Tustin, Fullerton, Saratoga, Rancho Cordova, Lake Forest, Laguna Niguel, Beverly Hills, Sacramento… and more to come.

#zanzendegiAzadi #IranianAmericanWomensDay


Featured above from top left to right: Shahla Motallebi (Emmy winner musician), Sara Khadem (Chess Player), State Senator Raumesh Akbari (Minority leader – TN (D), Jasmin Moghbeli (Commander NASA Astronaut) , Anoosheh Ansari (Entrepreneur, Astronaut), Anna V. Eskamani (Assembly Member – FL(D), Samira Burns (Deputy Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs – Biden Administration), Atoosa Reaser (Member of House of Delegates – VA(D), Judge Ashley Tabbador (DHS – Immigration Judge), Judge Sara Nadim (Superior Court – CT), Sharona Nazarian (SVP, Internal Affairs for Anti-Defamation League, Vice Mayor of City of Beverly Hills, CA (D), Sepi Shyne (Former Mayor, current City Council member, West Hollywood (D), Yassmin Ansari (City Council member – Pheonix, AZ / Congressional Candidate AZ(D), Shebreh Kalantari-Johnson (City Council member – Santa Cruz, CA (D), Soheila Bana (City Council member – Richmond, Ca (D), Neda Farid (IADC’s Emeritus President, Glendale Unified School District School Board, Ca (D), Dr. Sepi Gilani (past candidate for US Senate from Ca (D) & in the center is the solidarity advocacy with Woman, Life, Freedom movement in honor of Jina Mahsa Amini.