Fundraiser for Congresswoman Katie Porter

Organized by Iranian American Community Organizers

Sunday April 24th, Huntington Beach, Orange County


On Sunny Sunday afternoon of April 24, 2022, a group of Iranian American community members from diverse backgrounds attended a fundraiser event in support of Congresswoman Katie Porter. Distinguished guests and fellow Democratic candidates enjoyed live music by local Iranian Artist, Nader, and delicacies by Nafiseh Kitchen, and enthusiastically listened to the Congresswoman and engaged in a question and answer session about matters that impacts all communities in Orange County, and raised funds for her Campaign.

Attendees were introduced to the newly formed statewide organization, Iranian American Democrats of California (
IADC) by some of the Executive Board members in attendance and were made aware that IADC has endorsed 14 candidates across the state including Congresswoman Katie Porter and Huntington Beach City Council member Kim Carr, candidate for California State Senate, who was in attendance.  Also attending was Sherine Smith, candidate for OC Board of Education – District 5, and  Judie Mancuso, candidate for California State Assembly District 73.

Congresswoman Katie Porter introduced herself by quoting the San Francisco Chronicle that has been called “
Congress’ Watchdog – Single Mom”.  She explained beyond the speeches, and passing legislation, the most important function of the Congress is oversight and she loves oversight.  Congress ensures the government is doing what it is supposed to do, holds Corporate CEOs accountable, calls out government waste and corruption, and makes sure that the taxpayer money is put to work for what it was intended for.

She also explained that she has kept her promise, used her white board to speak to people in position of power, and called out and continues to call out conditions that are “NOT GOOD ENOUGH”, and challenged the attendees to support candidates that are not beholden to Corporate lobbyists, big pharma, big oil companies, big insurance companies and others who are standing in the way of progress.  She explained that she is one of the six people in Congress that does not accept lobbyists’ money and her hope is to inspire the next batch of candidates, lead by example, and help change the composition in D.C.

Congresswoman responded to questions regarding immigration reform, DACA, by saying that Americans made a promise to DACA recipients and we must keep our promise to provide a path to citizenship, meanwhile many families are waiting, struggling and losing hope.  In response to the question from Acting President of IADC, Sudi Farokhnia, who asked about prospects of passing Equal Rights Amendment (#ERA), Medicare for All, and overturning Citizen United, she explained that bigotry of some members of the Congress gets in the way of progress.  She also explained “we are stronger as a society and as an economy when we respect the rights of all Americans.  We all benefit from Women’s Equal Rights because when we talk about equality, we make democracy, society and economy stronger”. 

She also explained that pressing issues in Orange County that she is focused on is climate change crisis, lack of affordable housing – workforce housing and homelessness, cost of healthcare and prescription drugs, and big oil price gouging, and best way to get involved in her campaign is to sign to volunteer as 65-70% of the voters in her newly drawn districts have not been represented by her before and the way to win is not by more ads on TV, rather it is by grassroots engagement.  Please consider supporting her by donating to her campaign today, 
here is the link.