Congratulations to all #IADC members who were elected as delegates in their districts. We look forward to working with you as we amplify the voices of our community.
Get to know your ADEM in various districts:
North Cal and Central Valley regiond: AD6 – Farzad Qmehr, AD13 – Mana Shooshtari, AD16 – Iman Novin, AD22 – Keristofer Seryani (also E-Board member)
Los Angeles region;
AS40- Andrew Taban, AD48 – Brian Tabatabai, AD61 – Admanise Sanati , AD69 – Alex Mohajer, &
8 members in AD 41 – Analisa Swan (also E-Board Member), Juliet Minassian, Armond Aghakhanian, Steve Pierson, Alejandra A. Greeley. Amie Powers, Nick Scultz, Andrew Murphy
SoCal region:
AD71 – Sudi Farokhnia, AD74 – Nick Amoukhteh