“On June 24th, we took a step backward in America, as we collectively learned of the US Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, after 50 years of settled law which made abortion legally available in all 50 states as an extension of the constitutional right to privacy.”  –IADC Parliamentarian, Maryam Zar
A half a century ago in January of 1973, the US Supreme Court under Chief Justice Harry Blackmun ruled in Roe v. Wade that the decision to carry a pregnancy to term, then nurture and raise a child over the course of a lifetime is rightfully a private decision to be made by the woman, her partner, and her physician. This is not, and should not be, a matter of state. The justices of the Roberts Court took a leap today, a leap of liberty with the lives and futures of women and children across this land, allowing individual states to make their own laws governing abortion.

A woman’s ability to control her reproductive health and to deliberately control the planning of a family is a great determinant in her ability to set goals in life and work toward reaching them. Denying women the autonomy to set personal goals and maintain boundaries, by allowing the state to dictate family planning, is a mistake few other advanced economies make. That is why the 38 nations that comprise the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) almost all make abortion legal. Across the developed world, there is a commitment to the idea that decisions of childbearing and pregnancy termination are rightfully made by the women who live by the outcomes of those decisions.

IADC firmly believes that equality for all is only possible by uprooting racism, sexism, xenophobia, patriarchy, and all other forms of oppression, and that no one should live in fear, or be subject to trauma or violence. Furthermore, IADC believes healthcare is a human right, and all people deserve affordable, high-quality healthcare and the freedom to control their own bodies. We support policies that ensure every woman can choose her own destiny. We oppose any policies that restrict reproductive health or limit access to healthcare based on gender or sexual orientation. As such, IADC is in for the long fight to codify Roe. We believe the current SCOTUS majority got it wrong on this infamous day in June 2022.

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