June 13, 2024

The Iranian American community has recently seen several successful candidates for local government. IADC’s aim is to empower and support these candidates, whose authentic American story and their immigrant background is a quintessential part of the American tapestry. America is enriched by its immigrant populations, which has made the US the strongest economy and the most stable democracy in the world. Last month, during a debate, the Iranian heritage of one of these candidates was floated to question her patriotism. Another candidate of Afghan dissent in San Diego county was also subject to othering. This “othering” has long been a tool of those who seek to exclude participation in this string democracy; and we cede to those voices at our collective peril.

Today, IADC proudly stands with other community leaders and organizations in support of Yassamin Ansari, candidate for Congress from Arizona, and loudly proclaims her authentic American story as an example of immigrant stories of all other candidates who have come before her and those to come, which have enriched, empowered and strengthen our uniquely American democracy.

This is the letter that was signed by IADC and other community organizers in California