Month of May is national military appreciation month (“US Memorial Day”), ironically in the month of May  “Observing together in Peace” and “International Day of UN Peacekeepers” is recognized globally. We salute our military and the sacrifices that military families make everyday, and acknowledge the duty of the country to take care of its veterans.
IADC advocates for a foreign policy that prioritizes diplomacy to achieve peace, rather than engaging in covert or military intervention, unnecessary wars, and economic sanctions that too often hurt ordinary people and result in humanitarian disasters.

It is further our belief that we have a duty to combat all violations of human rights, whether it be abroad or at home, and we will push for policies that protect these rights and reduce militarization of the world.

May 15th – Observing together in Peace
May 29th – International Day of UNPeacekeepers (A/RES/57/129)
May 30th – US Memorial Day (National Military Appreciation Month)

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