We, the Iranian American Democrats of California, continue to urge de-escalation between Iran and Israel following a series of retaliatory attacks by the two nations. We condemn any attacks of sovereign soil and are alarmed at the barrage of missiles and subsequent attack by Israel.

It is as important as ever to distinguish between people and their government. The people of Iran and the people of Israel are not enemies. People want peace, and the people of Iran have already experienced the devastating impact of war, they do not wish to repeat that experience.

IADC reiterates its vision of a secular democratic Iran without the Islamic Republic. We are concerned about the safety of innocent lives throughout the region and urge the protection of civilians caught in the crossfire of hostilities in Israel and Iran. We also condemn the repressive actions and heightened brutality by the Islamic Republic regime against women and girls in Iran.

War will only benefit IRI’s Supreme Leader, Khamenei, and his regime. We urge “all parties” to work together and prevent further escalation in the Middle East. The devastating impact of wars around the world is seen and felt no matter where you live, and the international community must come together and, in the strongest terms, advocate for peace.

Give Peace A Chance, War is Never the Answer.