Lake Research Partners designed and administered this survey which was conducted by text-to-online interview. Phone numbers were drawn from the state voter file.
• The survey reached a total of 406 registered voters in the state of California who identify as Iranian American.
• 85% of these voters voted in the 2020 Presidential election (and 51% voted in the primary).
• The survey was distributed to a total of 60,819 registered voters in California flagged as Persian on the voter file. Voter were screened as self-identified Iranian American to qualify. The survey was closed when the desired sample size of 400+ was achieved.

• The survey was funded by small and large donations from Iranian American Community.
• The survey was conducted from July 27 – August 2, 2023.
• The survey was conducted in English and Persian (Farsi).
• The sample was stratified by gender, region, age, and party registration to reflect the expected demographic composition of Iranian American registered voters in California.
• Where there were slight differences between our survey sample and the expected Iranian American population, the data were weighted accordingly.

View the poll below:

Poll of Iranian American Voters of California - Lake Research August 2023